Types Of Wine Grapes

Wine Grapes

Types of white wine grapes

  1. Riesling (Rees-ling)

When it comes to pairing this wine with other foods, it goes well with meats like fish, chicken and pork. The Riesling grape can be found in Germany in all wine districts and America. Germany produces slightly sweet and acidic Rieslings while the ones from Alsace and Eastern USA are similar in terms of aroma but not sweet. California Rieslings are however, sweeter but lack acidity. Riesling wines have the aroma of fresh apples and the taste improves with age. Check this list out for some of the best Riesling.

  1. Gewurztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)

This wine is best paired with Asian foods, pork and grill sausages. The grapes can be found in Alsace, Germany, USA West Coast and New York. In terms of taste, it is fruity and contains aromas of rose petal, peach, lychee and allspice. Check out Wine Enthusiast for some recommendations.

  1. Chardonnay (Shar-doe-nay)

This wine is best paired with foods like fish and chicken dishes. The grapes are found Burgundy and this wine often tastes smooth, citrus like fruity with slight amounts of melon, vanilla, warmth and creaminess. Here are some good ones.

  1. Sauvignon blanc (So-vee-nyon Blah)

This wine is best paired with foods like seafood, poultry and salads. The grapes are found in areas like New Zealand, Australia and France. The Australian ones tend to be flat and lack fruit qualities. The ones in France are grown in the Bordeaux district and the upper Loire valley. The wine tastes either fruity or smoky depending on the variations. Here’s a list of some of the best.

Types of red wine grapes

  1. Syrah (Sah-ra or Shi-raz)

This wine is best paired with meats like steak, wild game or stews. The grapes are usually found in France’s Rhone Valley, California and Australia. It varies in its taste as some can taste fruity, coffee like or even hearty and spicy. Here are the award winners for 2018.

  1. Merlot (Mer-lo)

This wine can be paired with any type of food. Its grapes are typically found in the Bordeaux region of France but it is also now grown in the US West Coast, Australia and other countries. It typically has black cherry or herbal like flavours. It is also suitable for people new to red wine. Here are some to start with.

  1. Cabernet Sauvigon (Ka-ber-nay So-vee-nyon)

This wine is best paired with red meat. The grapes can be found wherever red wine grapes grow except for Germany. Its taste is potent when young and tends to get better with age. Some have tastes of vanilla from the oak treatment which overpowers its taste. On a budget? Here are some of the best for below $50.

  1. Pinot Noir (Pee-no Nwar)

This wine is best paired with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb and Japanese dishes. Its grapes are a challenge to grow and is responsible for producing wines in Burgundy, France, Austria, California, Oregon and New Zealand. Its taste is usually soft and fruity. Here are some great starters.