The Top 10 Kinds Of Beer

  1. Ale

These beers are the most popular and are brewed from malted barley. Different varieties like pale, brown, cream and other flavours are available. Some examples are Newcastle Brown Ale and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

  1. Lager

These beers are on the lighter side when it comes to flavour and colour. They are also more carbonated which results in them being more frothy. Some examples are Corona and Sapporo.

  1. Pilsner

A few characteristics that define these beers are their crisp body, light colours and drinkability on hot days. Some examples are Becks and Prima Pils.

  1. Stout

These beers are thick, dark and rich as the name implies but not necessarily high in alcohol content. Some examples are Old Rasputin Imperial Stout and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

  1. Porter

These beers when consumed are like drinking a loaf of bread. Some examples are, Fuller’s London Porter and Duck-Rabbit Porter.

  1. Bock

These beers belong to the lager family but are usually stronger and sweeter in taste. Some examples are Sam Adams Winter Lager and Anchor Bock Beer.

  1. Weissbier

These are wheat beers brewed in the German style and known for their sweetness. This is done using malted wheat instead of barley resulting in a beer with strong taste. Some examples are Blue Moon and Shock Top.

  1. Lambic

This beer is created using a spontaneous fermentation method by Belgians resulting in a dry, cider-like taste and a strong punch. Some examples are Lindemans Framboise and Cantillon Rose De Gambrinus.

  1. Kolsch

These beers are brewed in such a fashion that it is warm when fermented and aged at cold temperatures. They are pale, clear and bitter in taste. These beers are also widely appreciated among German beer purists. Some examples are Sunner Kolsch and Gaffel Kolsch.

  1. Malt Liquor

This is a type of lager. Some examples are Steel Reserve and Olde English.