10 Essential Rules For Making Cocktails

  1. Begin with classics

When it comes to making cocktails, it is always good to begin making the classic ones first before experimenting with the newer ones.

  1. Alcohol is paramount

50 ml of the alcohol should be made with spirits while the remaining with other items as it is easy to give the alcohol flavour but difficult to remove its flavour. Therefore, it is best to pour the alcohol into the shaker last.

  1. The second most essential ingredient is ice

Ice is imperative for keeping the drinks chilled as well as providing dilution. The ice needed to make the alcohol should always be more than the alcohol itself.

  1. Mixers are not needed

Necessary ingredients for cocktails are ice, lemons, limes, sugar and such. Ingredients like Diet Coke or concentrated orange juice are not needed.

  1. Keep it simple

Ingredients used to make cocktails should be kept simple. In general, not more than two or three ingredients should be used to make cocktails.

  1. Keep the flavours balanced

The flavours in a cocktail drink should be kept balanced so that one flavour does not dominate the other.

  1. Keep it nice

It is always good to make a cocktail look presentable regardless of whether it is made for yourself or someone else.

  1. Shake only cocktails with fruit in them

Two kinds of cocktails exist, namely aromatic cocktails and sour cocktails. The former contains only alcoholic ingredients while the latter contains ingredients like fruits or cream. The former, which is often dry or bitter should be stirred with ice which dilutes and smoothens its texture. The latter which is creamier should be shook more to dilute and alter its texture. These two variations can also be diluted with water or tea to make long drinks.

  1. All the ingredients matter

Every ingredient used to make a cocktail is essential to ensure the cocktail is of the highest quality possible when it comes to taste.

  1. On the contrary, it also does not really matter at times

When the ingredients used to make cocktail are not mixed correctly, it does not really matter as the whole purpose of drinking a cocktail is to have a good time.